How to check app permissions on Android Marshmallow

With the launch of Android Marshmallow last year, system users have finally had a chance to have more control over allowing apps on their smartphones. In the past, you had to agree to all permissions required to install an app, whereas with Marshmallow you can allow or deny them as you use them.

Still, it's always possible to end up allowing something by accident or simply forgetting about an app with too many permissions. Fortunately, everything can be checked and modified at any time. To learn how to check all permissions given to your apps on Android, just check out our tips below:

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Managing app permissions

As you will use a new app on your Android Marshmallow smartphone, you should realize that it asks for permission to access some features, such as using your camera, viewing your contacts, or using your microphone, for example. At this time, you have a chance to allow or deny access individually.

As we mentioned above, you can always modify these decisions as you see fit. To do this, simply open your smartphone settings and click on the “Apps” option.

This will open a large list of all the applications you have installed on your device. To proceed, click the gear symbol at the top right of the screen.

The first option on the new screen will be “App Permission, ” which is exactly where you should click next.

Now we will have a list of key features of your device, such as your phonebook, internal storage, camera, GPS, microphone, etc. Each option will show how many apps already have access to that feature and how many can have access in total.

To verify access to each resource, you will need to click on them individually. For this example, we will check the “Agenda” feature.

In this case, we have 7 apps that request access, but only 5 released for that. To modify this, just click the little green button next to each app name, either to allow or remove access.

This can be done with each of the features shown in the previous list and is a great way for you to have more control over the apps installed on your smartphone. Still, it's always worth remembering that some apps need some primordial features to work, so it's no use denying access to everything.

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