How to choose the evolution of Eevee in Pokémon Go

Overall, Pokémon evolutions are pretty linear, but as franchise fans already know, this isn't exactly the case with Eevee. This little Pokémon has several different evolutions, and originally had three different forms - just as there are three different teams in the game - which are available for now on Pokémon Go. In this case, you can let luck decide the evolution. of Eevee or resort to a native game scheme to have the desired Pokémon. To know how to do this, just check out our tips below!

Choosing Eevee Evolution

In normal Pokémon games, Eevee's evolution can be easily manipulated by using certain evolutionary stones, the time of day, or even the monster's friendship level with his trainer. Of course you couldn't have that level of complexity in a game like Pokémon Go, because the whole evolutionary system works very differently.

With that, a lot of people thought that Eevee's evolutions would be totally haphazard and that one would have to be very lucky to get all three quickly. In this case, these three evolutions are of different types: Jolteon is an electric Pokémon, Vaporeon is water and Flareon is a fire type.

Eevee evolves just like other Pokémon, just gather the required amount of candies and click on the evolution option in the game. Except not to leave its final form to luck, the developers have implemented something very interesting and that allows the user to manipulate the outcome of the evolution of this little monster.

This can easily be done by editing the name of Eevee after its capture. If you want to increase the chances of Eevee becoming a Vaporeon, name it Rainer.

If you want a Flareon, just rename your Eevee "Pyro". Now, if you prefer a Jolteon, just rename the "Sparky" monster.

Otherwise, you just have to do the same as with any other Pokémon in the game and try to gather as many candies as possible to make the evolution. In Eevee's case, it takes 25 candies before it can finally evolve.

If you're curious about these names, just know that they came from the first season of Pokémon's anime. In one episode, a Jolteon, a Flareon, and a Vaporeon appear under the names Sparky, Pyro, and Rainer, respectively. It turned out to be a good way to honor the animation and to help Pokémon Go players.

It's just important to remember that although it works for most people, this method may fail in some situations. We recommend that you restart the game after renaming your Eevee. This will ensure that the name is actually registered on the game's servers.

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