How to clear Instagram search history

Search histories tell pretty much everything about your activity on the internet or social networks like Instagram. Whether you like the subjects you like or to check out the new photos of your romantic interest, all this information will appear when you access these search logs on the platform. If you don't want someone to accidentally access them, you can clear your Instagram search history quite often, avoiding the “curiosity” of people nearby. Learn how by following the steps of our tutorial below and tell us if it worked!

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How to clear Instagram search history

1 - Open the Instagram app and access your profile;

2 - Click on the icon in the form of three vertical dots in the right corner of the screen;

3 - Scroll the settings menu to the end and find Clear Search History ;

4 - Confirm the selection on the Yes button , I'm sure ;

5 - Your search history will be deleted. However, keep in mind that recommendations in the search bar will still take your past searches into account when suggesting terms.

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Did you manage to delete your history?

As Instagram does not show any message saying cleanup, it may seem like nothing happened. Therefore, we recommend that you try accessing your history and see if the old records remain there. Is the history clean? Got a question during the tutorial? Comment with us and tell us if our directions were helpful!

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