How to clear iPhone app cache

Although Apple makes great smartphones, it's still hard to understand why they don't have a micro SD card slot. That would give more options for users who need extra space, but the company probably doesn't want it to interfere with making more iPhones with more storage (and therefore more expensive). With this, you need to think of alternatives to prevent the device from reaching its maximum capacity, such as clearing the cache of installed applications. To know how to do this, just check out our tutorial below!

How to clear app cache

Quite unlike Android, Apple's smartphones don't usually give their users much freedom, and that even affects how apps are controlled. Unfortunately, there is no direct way to clear the app cache, so you need to use a specific app for it. In this case, we will use Battery Doctor, which you can download through this link.

With the app installed, open it and click the "Clean Now" option, which appears right after the information about how much free space you have on the device.

You will then be taken to the “Junk” folder, which is what app deems unnecessary for using your iPhone. This includes caching installed applications, of course.

Select the "Clean up cache" option and an iPhone prompt will appear stating that the action may also erase saved game data. This will only happen with games that do not save your data online, which most do today.

To confirm the action, simply click on the "Clean" option. This will start cleaning automatically, so set the smartphone aside for a few seconds until the process is complete.

Time depends largely on the amount of apps and games you have installed on your iPhone. If they are few, it will take little time and there is likely not much to clean.

When done, the app will show how much cache has been erased and the total amount of storage you have on your iPhone.

You can still perform this process from time to time as the cache builds up again when you use and install applications.

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