How to convert email to PDF on iOS 10

The arrival of iOS 10 on Apple devices has brought a host of new features using 3DTouch, as revealed in the beta version of the system. In addition, some functions that existed in previous versions have been made easier by using the functionality, such as the ability to convert email to PDF. A method for converting is also available to those using iOS 10 on non-3DTouch devices. Check out the steps below to convert email to PDF on iOS 10 in both situations.

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One of the biggest advantages of this feature is that it makes it easy to convert these documents - which are not just for emails themselves - without the need for an external application. Was this tutorial helpful? Did you manage to convert? Be sure to comment with us on any questions you have throughout the process and be sure to share this article!

Fonts and Images: 9to5Mac, MacObserver

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