How to convert iPhone Live Photos to GIFs

Despite being one of the cool features of the iPhone 6S, Live Photos has a very annoying problem: they can only really be viewed on this particular iPhone model. So if you send them to someone who has an older model or even an Android, all they see is a normal, motionless photo. One way to solve this is to simply turn these files into GIFs, which you can learn to do simply with our tips below. Check out!

Converting Live Photos

To get started, you'll need to download and install the Motion Stills app on your iPhone 6S. The app is available for free download through this link.

Now open the app on your device and allow it to access your photos, which will ensure you can select them to use in the app. The permission message appears automatically and you only need to click the green button to confirm.

Then the app will open a gallery with all your Live Photos. There you can choose which one you want to transform into GIF first by simply selecting it.

When you tap the desired Live Photo, the app will automatically start the process of converting to a GIF file, which will be stored on your iPhone just like any other normal photo.

Still on the same screen, you can tap the right arrow to send the new GIF (Send GIF) to someone or to share it (Share GIF) on one of your social networks.

Very simple, isn't it ?! You can do this process with all your Live Photos and make sure everyone can see your animated images, regardless of the platform you use.

Did you like the tips?

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