How to convert video files to MP4

Converting media files (videos recorded on a PC or by cameras, audio and images) can be tedious if there is no place where all these media can be converted. There are many websites that offer a way on how to convert video files to MP4.

But there is a problem there - you will not find reliable online converters that will convert genuine files. Many online converters have the basic issue of virus attacks, and even when it doesn't, you can't keep the original quality of the file you sent.

How to convert video files?

Any file can be converted to MP4 format by simply having a little quality in the image. MP3 can be converted to MP4 without any video playing in the background. You can easily find converters online, but as we said above: it will not be as high quality. Wondershare is one of the best positioned online converters on Google.

There are two versions of Wondershare, one through a smartphone app or on a computer. It depends on where you want to download and transfer the file. It is worth mentioning that this article also talks about the importance of searching for the best video converter, as you will see in the next paragraphs.

Why should you use Uniconverter?

Uniconverter is a great generalized converter, which converts almost every type of file. It allows you to convert any video or audio that is on your computer. In addition to conversion, Uniconverter also lets you compress - shrink the file space on your PC - and edit your audios or videos online. Here are some of its key advantages:

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