How to convert videos to GIFs on WhatsApp

One of the latest features that have been added to WhatsApp is the ability to convert videos to GIFs directly in the app. This way, in addition to having more freedom with GIFs, you still have the ability to upload lighter files instead of as many heavy videos as you previously needed. Best of all, the procedure is very simple and you can check out how to do it with our tips below!

Converting videos to GIFs

Not surprisingly, the video conversion feature for GIFs in WhatsApp has only been added through a very recent update. So if you can't find the options we'll show below, try upgrading your app to the newer version.

To get started, open WhatsApp and choose one of your contacts to send the GIF. Then click on the clip symbol as shown in the image below.

Now choose the "Gallery" option to view the videos saved on your smartphone.

Choose the desired video and click the "GIF" button so the app can do the file conversion.

You can then use the borders shown in the image below to edit the file and leave only the snippet you want in the GIF.

When done, click the submit button to have the GIF sent to the previously selected contact.

Sending the file will be very fast and soon you can also check the result in the conversation window.

Pretty simple, isn't it? The good thing is that you can do this with most videos, we only recommend that you don't try to make too long GIFs to not make the file too heavy.

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