How to create a Facebook fanpage

Creating a Facebook fanpage is an essential step for anyone wishing to advertise their business on the world's largest social networking platform. Whether your goal is to sell your ecommerce products or share your artwork on the Internet - whether it's text, photos or videos - creating a fan page is the first of several steps to using Facebook for business. Because of that, we've brought you step by step below to create a Facebook fanpage!

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How to create a Facebook fanpage

1 - Enter your profile and click the arrow located in the right corner of the top bar;

2 - Click on Create Page ;

3 - Choose which category your page will belong to on the pages below;

4 - Select the name of the page and what is the sector of your fanpage;

5 - From there, your page will be created, but without any information. Follow the tips shown on the main screen of your fanpage, starting with the profile;

6 - Click Upload Photo to upload a profile photo. The image should be square and will have a resolution of 180 × 180 pixels;

7 - The next step is to upload a cover image to be at the top of your fanpage. Click Add a cover photo ;

8 - Just like in the profile picture, click Upload photo to upload an image. It should be horizontal and have dimensions 855 × 315 or 855 × 470, which will be best viewed from mobile devices;

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9 - Returning to the home screen again, click Add a short description ;

10 - Create a description that will be part of the About section of your fanpage. The text can be a maximum of 155 characters. Click Save to continue;

11 - Select Create a username for your page ;

12 - Create the username for your fanpage. Please note : this name will be part of your fanpage URL, choose carefully!

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After completing these steps, you can now start producing content for your page. There are a number of other settings to optimize your page experience, so consider reading the articles below:

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