How to create Facebook Messenger Day posts

It wasn't just WhatsApp and Instagram that got similar features to Snapchat. Now it was Messenger's turn, which received an update with the Facebook Messenger Day function, which works similarly to the other apps mentioned above. As we have done with everyone else, we are already exploring the functionality, which can send edited photos and videos to your contacts, which expire in 24 hours. Check it out below!

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How to create Facebook Messenger Day posts

1 - Open Messenger and click the center button to activate the camera and Facebook Messenger Day;

2 - Take a photo or record a video;

3 - Tap the emoticon to open the screen of choice of emojis that will place in the image or video taken previously;

4 - Choose which one to include in the Facebook Messenger Day post;

5 - Click on “Aa” to include text in your post;

7 - Enter the desired text and add a background in black, white or if you will not use any background in the publication;

8 - Choose the line to include drawings made by you in the post;

9 - Choose the color of the pulls in the sidebar and make your drawings. You can download the image or video by clicking on the icon in the lower left corner at any stage. When you're done, click the arrow button at the bottom right to submit your post;

10 - Choose the contacts that will receive your Facebook Messenger Day;

11 - The publication will appear as a normal message in Messenger;

12 - You can also create posts on Facebook Messenger Day without taking a photo or recording a video. Just repeat the first step of this tutorial, but touch the icon located in the bottom right corner of the screen;

13 - The background will be replaced by a color, which can be changed by clicking on the icon shown in the screenshot below. Otherwise, just follow the steps outlined above to submit your post as normal;

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