How to create GIFs with YouTube videos

Although already a very old format, GIFs have never been as successful as today. In addition to being posted on all possible social networks, they are also as used in chat chats as emojis and emoticons. To let you have an even more personalized experience, today we'll show you how you can create GIFs using any YouTube video. Just check out our tutorial below!

How to create video GIFs

To do this, we will use a site called Imgflip, which you can access through this link. It allows you to create memes, funny graphics and GIFs with videos or images.

For videos, you can upload links from YouTube or upload files you have on your computer.

To upload something from YouTube, copy the video link you want and copy it into the blank box on the site.

After that, the video will load automatically within seconds and you will have some options to customize your GIF.

For starters, you can set the size of the GIF. Without a paid Imgflip account, you can choose from 100px, 260px, and 360px options. To select one of these sizes, simply click the desired button.

If you want to add a word or phrase to the GIF, you can click “Add text to GIF, where you can also choose the font and size of the text.

In the options below, you can name the GIF under “Title”, add keywords under “Tags”, mark the image as inappropriate content under “This image is NSFW” or leave it private under “Private”. The last option is to remove the watermark from the GIF website, but it is also only available to Imgflip subscribers.

Finally, we can mark the exact excerpt of the video that we will use in our GIF. To do this, you can use the two boxes below the video preview to enter the time the GIF starts and ends, or use the green and red arrows to do it more conveniently and accurately.

With everything ready, just click the blue button "Generate GIF" and the site will generate the GIF the way you have customized it. Once the process is complete, Imgflip will give you options to share the GIF across multiple social networks, copy the image link and a button to download the file.

Since the image is usually removed from the site after a while when you are not a subscriber to Imgflip, we suggest you download the GIF to your computer. It is best to use this feature whenever you want and with any YouTube video.

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