How to create PDFs with images in Windows 10

It's been a long time since PDFs have been one of the most popular file types in the world, either because we have to easily view them anywhere or because other people's security cannot easily modify them. As many people end up scanning their documents in image format, nothing better than learning how to create PDFs with these types of files, something natively possible in Windows 10. To learn more, just check out the tutorial below!

Making PDFs with images

As mentioned above, this can be done natively on Windows 10, but if you use an older version of the system, you can still do this if you install an external program. Our biggest recommendation is PDF Creator, which can be downloaded from this link and works almost identically with the tutorial below.

To get started, go to the folder that contains the images you want to turn into PDF. It can be either a single image or several that you want to group into a single PDF file. Select the images you will use and right-click them.

Then simply click "Print" to continue. You are taken to the full options window where you can choose the print mode. Click on the "Printer" option and look for "Microsoft Print to PDF, " which Windows feature for printing to PDF.

Select this option and feel free to change other print settings such as size and resolution if you prefer. With everything ready, just click "Print" and wait until the action is completed.

Then simply check your "Downloads" or "Documents" folder, which is where these files are usually saved after this type of printing. The file will be named after the folder in which the images you turned into PDF were, so it's easy to identify.

You can do this whenever you want and with most image file formats, making life easier for those who scan many documents.

Can you create PDFs this way?

Can you take advantage of these tips for creating image PDFs on your PC? Don't forget to leave your message telling us if everything went well or if you had any difficulties.

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