How to create restore point in Windows 10 as backup

Not always formatting your Windows 10 is the best solution to solve a seemingly impossible problem without this drastic plug. You can return your computer to an earlier state through restore points. Although Windows defaults to creating these points automatically during certain periods, you can create your own on a date you think is optimal. This date may be before you make any major system changes, for example. So learn how to create restore point in Windows 10 as a kind of backup!

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How to create restore point in Windows 10

1 - Open the Start menu ;

2 - Type Create Restore Point - no need to click any bars, just start typing;

3 - In the window that will open, still in the System Protection tab, click the Create button;

4 - Create an easily recognizable description to create restore point in Windows 10;

5 - Wait for the process to complete, which may take a few minutes;

6 - After creation, just return to the System Protection tab and click on System Restore to find the generated point;

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Creating restore points on your computer is healthy as it can return you to the state of a past date, possibly correcting errors caused by malicious software or recovering lost files - which could not be restored through a specialized program. What did you think about our tutorial? Have you previously created restore points? Comment with us and be sure to give your own tips for making better use of Windows 10!

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