How to Create Text Stories on Facebook

A feature already available on Instagram Stories and WhatsApp Status, it is now also possible to create Text Stories on Facebook. As with other applications, this type of publication allows you to just insert text on a colored background without using your camera.

Still, it is still possible to include elements such as masks and stickers, making it easy for those who just want to leave text without taking a picture or recording a video. Learn how to create Facebook Text Stories in the full walkthrough we show below!

How to Create Text Stories on Facebook

Did you manage to create Facebook Text Stories with our tutorial?

Now that we've shown you how to make your own Facebook text stories, we believe it will be easy to get simpler messages. Without using the camera to take pictures or videos, you don't have to keep “inventing” pictures for things that could very well write and get the message across without distractions. It is also no longer mandatory to manually place a colored background, as the format does it automatically for you. What did you think of the news? Comment with us below!

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