How To Delete Instagram Stories On Your Profile

The ability to create more authentic content through Instagram Stories increases the variety of posts you can make on the social network. However, once published, you cannot go back to editing a story, so you need to delete Instagram Stories in your profile and then redo it correctly. Hardly anyone has gone through this kind of situation and didn't know how to do it. So, we have shown below how to delete Instagram Stories on your profile so you can start over smoothly!

How To Delete Instagram Stories On Your Profile

Did you manage to delete your Story before it started being answered?

Fixing a gaffe on a post requires some speed, especially when talking about Instagram Stories. Being able to erase content before your followers start viewing and posting - probably pointing out that your post was wrong - is important for not giving the wrong impression.

However, it is quite easy to delete Stories on Instagram, allowing you to delete any one in four simple steps, as seen above. Have you ever had a problem publishing a wrong Instagram story and needed to learn how to delete the post? Did you have any difficulty or something different when you tried to erase yours? Comment with us and tell us more about your experience with Instagram Stories!

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