How to disable iMessage read receipt on iOS 10

Nowadays it's very common for chat apps to show some kind of signal to let you know that your friends have received and read the messages you sent and vice versa. Of course this is not exactly something that everyone likes, especially those that do not respond very fast. Read receipts have also been around for a long time on the popular iPhone and iPad iMessage, but now you can also disable them on iOS 10 quite simply. You can learn more about this and learn how to disable it by checking out our tips below!

Disabling the iMessage read receipt

To get started, open your "Settings" and look for the "Messages" option, which is where you should click.

You will see some options and you will need to click on “Read Receipts” to proceed.

This will cause read receipts to be disabled for all your iMessage contacts, but you may want it to be enabled for some specific people.

Fortunately, there is a way around this. Just open iMessage and select the desired contact. Click on the "i" icon in your conversation with this person, as highlighted in the image below.

You'll see some options for this conversation, including Read Receipts, which will be disabled. Just click it to enable it for this contact only.

You can make as many contacts as you like, which is more practical than manually disabling the feature for multiple people. To turn it off again, just reverse it and click the read receipts option for the specific people you marked before. Very simple, isn't it ?!

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