How to disable Instagram post comments

Millions of people use Instagram to share photos and videos every day with their friends and followers, but that doesn't mean all experiences with the app are positive. In some cases, the best thing you can do is block other users who have been bothering you or simply disable comments on your posts. This is extremely simple to do, although it is not the most obvious option within the app. So if you want to learn how to disable Instagram comments, just check out our detailed tutorial below!

Disabling Instagram Comments

The best part about turning off Instagram comments is that this is done individually, so you can specifically choose which posts won't be able to receive comments.

To do this with new posts, open Instagram and prepare the image or video and click "Next" when you're done.

On the next screen, fill in the rest of the details about this post, but before you share it, click "Advanced Settings."

Click the button next to the "Disable comments" option and then share your post as normal.

If you have already posted a photo without this option or don't want to go to this menu every time you post a new photo or video, there is a very simple alternative as well.

Just go to your profile, find the post you want, and click the three vertical dots at the top right of the screen.

Then you should choose the “Disable comments” option to ensure no one can leave messages in that post.

You can do this with any post you make in the app, but of course this will not delete comments already existing on older posts.

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