How to disable the installation of external apps on Android

One of the main attractions of Android is the freedom offered by the operating system to its users. There are virtually no restrictions, allowing you to customize and change what you want on your smartphone or tablet. The major problem this brings is the possible lack of security if you are not very careful about certain actions. This mainly applies to the ability to install external apps (ie outside the Google Play Store) as this may leave your smartphone vulnerable to malicious apps and malware. To learn how to disable the feature, check out our tutorial below!

Disabling installation of external apps

Being able to install external apps on your Android is often interesting and allows you to have more diversity and options when choosing your apps and games.

To get started, go to your Android smartphone settings.

Then look for the "Security" option and click it to proceed.

Now you need to find the “Unknown Sources” option. This is the option that allows apps from any source to be installed on your device, so click the side button to disable it.

Very simple, isn't it ?! You can also reverse the process at any time by returning to this menu and clicking the button again. The good news is that this feature will be much safer in the next Android update, when users will have to authorize every install done on their device.

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