How to downgrade Android N to Marshmallow

Although there are still a few months to go before the official release of Android N, it is now possible to download and install the beta on Nexus line devices. We have already taught you how to do this safely and quickly, but it is quite possible that you may want to downgrade Android N to Marshmallow at some point. Whether it's system stability, app compatibility, or simply waiting for the full version, check out our tips for getting back to your previous Android. Check it out below!

Downgrading from Android N

First and foremost, it is highly advised that you back up your smartphone as the process below will erase all your data. If you want to know how to make a very complete backup of Android, just check out our article about it at this link.

After that, just go to the official site of Android N, where you can sign up for the system beta program or stop participating in it. In that case, scroll down a little and you will see your participating device and the “Unsubscribe device” button. Click on it to continue.

You will then see a message from Google saying that an update will be sent to your device to re-run the version of Android Marshmallow and that you should back it up. To proceed, simply click on “Exit Beta”.

If your smartphone is connected to the internet, you will receive an update notice for Android Marshmallow in a few moments. Just click "Download" and the downgrade will start downloading.

It is likely that your device will restart at least once, and you will need to click "Install" to continue the procedure.

When you're done, your device will be as new and running Android Marshmallow as normal, as you can check on the “About Phone” option in your settings.

If you like, now is also a good time to restore your previously backed up, which will bring your files and data back to your device. Details on how to do this are also in our Android backup article if you want to check it out.

Why downgrade the operating system?

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