How to download Facebook fanpage and backup data

Downloading Facebook fanpage is a smart strategy. Whether to remove your Facebook page or not risk losing the content you posted on the social network, for example. The process for downloading all the information contained on your fan page is simple and quick, involving a brief menu navigation, and keeping an eye on the email where your account is. Check out the step by step below to download fanpage on Facebook and have a copy of the data published there!

Open page settings

As usual, go to the settings tab of your Facebook page.

Find the option “Download Page”

Near the bottom of the general settings list, find the Download Page option and click the Edit button associated with it.

Click on the new “Download Page” that appears

A new Download Page will appear. Click it to be taken to the download screen.

Confirm page download

To confirm your fanpage download, simply click the Get Started button. When you click, a warning email will be sent to the email address registered in your social network account. The file will save all photos, videos, list of people working on the page - administrators and editors, for example - a document with descriptions of settings on the fan page (such as blocked countries or review permissions) and the information recorded in the “ About". Confirm by clicking the Start Download button.

Receiving the warning

Once you click the button, Facebook will send you an email informing you that you are preparing the file and will send another email with the link to download the fanpage. Upon receipt of the link, it will only be available for a few days. If you stop downloading, you will need to restart the entire process to receive the backup.

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Did you manage to download fanpage and back up your information on Facebook?

We hope this tutorial was useful and allowed you to have a backup of everything you posted on your Facebook page. Got a question? So make sure to comment with us below and remember to share this tutorial on your social media profile!

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