How to enable 2-step verification in WhatsApp

WhatsApp has received a major security update that could benefit many users concerned about the privacy of their messages. As with bank applications, you can now enable password verification. That is, in addition to your phone unlock password, you can enter a unique six-digit password to access the messaging app. We have enabled WhatsApp 2-Step Verification on our devices and recorded the entire process, which you can check out below!

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How to enable 2-step verification in WhatsApp

1 - Open the application and enter the Settings ;

2 - Sign in;

3 - Choose 2-Step Verification ;

4 - Tap the Enable button to create your password;

5 - Enter the code, which must be numeric and have exactly six digits, as screenshot below:

6 - Repeat the code again to confirm;

After these six steps, you can complete the process. However, we also recommend that you enter an email for password recovery, but please note that the steps below are optional.

7 - Enter the email for password recovery. If you do not want to include an email address, click Skip as shown in the image;

8 - Just like creating the password, retype your email for confirmation and confirm the Save button;

9 - After confirmation, just tap the Done button to finish the process;

10 - To change the confirmation email - or even to enter a case you have skipped this part - change the password or even disable WhatsApp 2-step verification, go back to settings, go back to the account menu and go to verification at two steps . When you return to this menu, the three options below will be available by simply touching the corresponding option.

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Did you enable verification on your WhatsApp?

We strongly recommend activating the measurement in your messenger. As the main messaging app today, it is very likely that you have personal and private information that you would not like to have access to. The move makes it difficult to circumvent this privacy as it puts another barrier between your phone and the app. Did you get activated through the steps below? Did you have difficulty in any part of the process? Comment with us!

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