How to enable and use True Tone on iPhone 8

Despite not having many external changes, iPhone 8 has gained some very interesting features now that it has a much more powerful processor than its predecessors. A good example is True Tone, an option previously only available on the iPad Pro that allows the device to adjust the color tone of the screen by noticing whether the surrounding environment is brighter or not. If it is darker, the display is more yellowish, but if it is in a brighter light, the screen adjusts to its usual blue tone. To learn how to enable and use True Tone on iPhone 8, just check out our tips below!

True Tone on iPhone 8

As we mentioned, True Tone will help you keep the iPhone 8 screen completely adapted to the surrounding environment, almost like a subtler, enhanced version of night mode.

To enable True Tone, open the "Settings" application and click the "Screen and Brightness" option.

One of the first options of this screen will be the "True Tone", just below the brightness level of your smartphone. Just click on its button next to activate it.

You will see the "Night Shift" will be below as well. We suggest that you try using both options at the same time in dark environments to see if they really need to work together or not.

Of course, if you don't like True Tone's automatic changes very much, you can easily disable it at any time. Just go back to the same screen and brightness menu and click the True Tone button again.

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