How to enable iOS 11 persistent notifications

If you upgraded your iPhone or iPad to iOS 11, you may have noticed that notifications are much more interactive than in previous versions of the operating system. Now when your device is unlocked, you can see notifications briefly appearing on top of it. If it's fast enough, you can even touch them to answer them or check them more carefully. A good thing is to use persistent notifications from iOS 11, which allows notifications to appear and stay there until you decide what to do. You can learn how to enable this option in the tutorial below!

Persistent iOS 11 Notifications

It's important to mention that this feature can be used individually in every app you want, so not all of your notifications will be persistent. Ideally, you should use the option for apps with the most important notifications or interests you.

To get started, open the Settings app to see general device settings. Then choose the "Notifications" option to proceed.

You'll see a list of apps installed on your iPhone or iPad, so choose the one you want.

At the bottom, you will see the illustration of two iPhones or iPads (depending on what you are using). "Temporary" will be enabled by default, so click "Persistent" to enable this option.

Okay, now all notifications from this app will persistently appear at the top of your device screen, waiting for you to take action.

You can repeat this same method with any other application installed or reverse the process by returning to the same menu and choosing the "Temporary" option again.

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