How to enable magnifying glass mode on iPhone or iPad

The arrival of the new version of iOS brought a wide variety of new features, which we have covered in other texts here on AppTuts. But not all of them appear so obvious to users and can be considered "hidden" tools. One is the magnifying glass, which replicates the functionality of the object on which it was inspired in the same way. The tool allows readability and is located in the accessibility menu of the device. Check out how to turn on magnifying glass mode on iPhone or iPad in several ways!

How to enable magnifying glass mode on iPhone

The first steps to activate require you to go to the device's Settings. Then go to the general settings and under Accessibility. Just click the Magnifier (or Magnifier) ​​button to activate it. You can set the automatic brightness and contrast adjustment to your preference. Once enabled, just tap the Home button three times to activate the magnifying glass.

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Create still images from the magnifying glass

The iOS 10 magnifying glass also serves to create still images like photos. Just like the camera app, just press the center circle to create the image. To zoom in or out, just swipe sideways and check the slider below to find out the zoom limits on both sides. It is also possible to activate the flash through the magnifying glass through the well-known radius button.

The functionality is also designed to help users who have some kind of visual impairment. Therefore, it is possible to invert and adjust the colors of the images in its interface. After creating the still image, simply press the icon in the lower right corner of the screen. After that, brightness and contrast controllers will appear, along with the ability to invert colors, as well as some predefined color scales, such as yellow and blue, grayscale and white / blue, as seen in the image below.

Managed to activate magnifying glass mode on iPhone

Did the function help you read better instructions or small print books, such as the notorious medicine leaflets? Comment with us if the above method worked and what you think about iOS 10!

Source and Images: 9to5Mac

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