How to find and remove duplicate contacts on Android

Having duplicate contacts on your smartphone is quite common and annoying for most Android users, but can be quite easy to fix. If you don't want to do the process manually (which can take a long time), you can count on specific apps or even a Google service that takes care of the task for you. To learn more, just check out our tutorial on how to remove duplicate contacts on your Android!

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How to remove duplicate contacts

Since you are using an Android device, the easiest way to remove unwanted or duplicate contacts is by using a service of Google's own. You can do this by accessing "Google Contacts" in your browser (just click this link).

When signed in to your Google account, you should see all the contacts you have stored on your Android smartphone as this data syncs with the service.

To find duplicate contacts, go to the left menu and click on the option “Find duplicates”.

Within seconds, Google will review and show all of the same contacts it has found in your list.

As you can see, you can click the "Merge" button to have the same contacts join in one. If you have multiple cases of duplicate contacts, you can speed up the process by selecting Merge All.

When you're done, you'll see a message telling you that all of your duplicate contacts have been merged, which you can undo if you made a mistake.

Pretty simple, isn't it? Best of all, the process automatically syncs with your mobile device in a matter of minutes, depending on your internet connection. Of course if you prefer to do this directly on your smartphone, there are some special apps for that.

If so, we recommend using Simpler Merge Duplicates (which can be downloaded from this link), which is very easy to use and works similar to the Google service.

Just install the app and open it to find your duplicate contacts in the "Duplicate Contacts" tab. By clicking there you will be able to merge your contacts within seconds.

Could I find and remove duplicate contacts on Android?

Did you take our tutorial to finally remove duplicate contacts on your Android smartphone? Don't forget to leave your comment telling us if everything went right or if you had any questions!

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