How to find coworkers or college on Facebook

The main reason behind the creation of Facebook was to connect students from a university. However, the news was so well received that the social network expanded to the world to occupy the position of most used social media and today has more than 2 billion users around the world. Despite having expanded and countless possibilities, finding co-workers or college on Facebook is still one of the network's focuses. This function has recently been improved, and you can now find people you've lived with in just three steps. Check it out below:

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How to find coworkers or college on Facebook

1 - Open the Facebook app and access your profile;

2 - Click on a company or educational institution that has participated;

3 - From there, just check the list and add any acquaintances you have in the workplace or study;

Note: This functionality can only be used on the Facebook mobile app for Android or iOS.

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Could you find people you lost contact with?

Facebook to this day has incredible potential to bring together people who, for some reason, have lost touch during their lives. Could you find any college or college classmate through the steps of this tutorial? Comment with us!

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