How to find hidden files in Windows

Although many Windows users are unaware of this, there are many hidden files and folders on the system. In general, these hidden files are hidden so you don't accidentally change or delete anything important, but there are some Windows issues that can only be solved with them. So there is a very simple way to find and view these files, as you can see in our detailed tutorial below!

Hidden Windows Files

First of all, it is worth mentioning again that hidden Windows folders or files should only be modified if the need really exists. Only do this if your PC has a problem that can only be solved through these files.

To get started, open any folder on your Windows computer.

At the top, you will see the "View" option, which is where you should click.

This will cause a small window to open at the top of the screen. Among the many new options, look for and click on "Hidden Items."

Automatically this will cause all hidden folders and files to be displayed in both the current folder and the rest of the computer.

You can reverse this by clicking on “View” again and unchecking hidden items. Pretty simple, isn't it? Just be careful not to accidentally delete something important.

If you want even more details on doing this easily, you can simply check out our video tutorial above.

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