How to find out the best time to post on Instagram

If you use Insta to work over the internet, you've probably wondered how to find out the best time to post on Instagram, right?

It is impossible not to be curious about this. Just start studying about Instagram that doubt begins to hang. After all, even if you have good blog post ideas, it is best to post them at a time when your audience is online.

One of the solutions to answer this question is to test by creating posts for different times and analyzing Instagram metrics to find out which one got the most engagement.

On the other hand, this test may be flawed, as there are other elements responsible for engaging your profile. In addition, these tests are time consuming in your daily life.

Insta Robot has been able to solve this problem with a new tool on its platform for scheduling posts. Called Intelligent Scheduling, it even analyzes the posts and their schedules.

From there, it will show you the next best day and time to schedule your publication.

Want to know how to leverage the feature and finally figure out the best time to post on Instagram?

So keep reading below and see our complete walkthrough for using smart scheduling on Insta Robot!

Why use Smart Scheduling?

As we mentioned above, the main benefit of Smart Scheduling is the time you won't waste studying the hours most of your followers are online.

Also, scheduling is not automatic. That is, you can use the tool as a form of consultation and study.

For example, you are not required to schedule your publication for what would be considered the best time. After all, all of a sudden your competitors usually post at the best time, increasing competition and consequently decreasing your reach.

Instead, you can choose other times with good online activity from your followers. That is, Smart Scheduling saves you work time, but does not require you to follow your recommendations to the letter.

How to use Smart Scheduling

1. Click on the link to create your Insta Robot registration. Enjoy the tool offers 3 days FREE to test all its features;

2. After creating your registration and connecting your biography on Instagram, click the Schedule option in the menu on the left of the screen;

3. Click the indicated button to send a photo for publication;

4. Type the caption of your post in the Description field;

5. If you want, put what will be the first comment of the post. It is usually used to insert Insta hashtags if you don't like to put them in the caption taking up space;

6. Enter the place you would like to mark;

7. Click the Search button to mark a location on your post;

8. Choose which location will be marked by finding the corresponding option and clicking Add . Remember that this function is only available for business profiles;

9. Click on the Date field and choose any day;

10. Smart Scheduling will appear just below the Date field and will show you the best time to post to Instagram, along with a graph showing the level of engagement at various times;

11. In this chart, the system sets the best time, but you can switch by clicking at any time shown in the chart;

12. Click Schedule Post to leave your post scheduled for its best posting time;

13. Return to the scheduling screen to confirm the schedule of your post.

What other tools does Insta Robot offer?

For now, Smart Scheduling works only for feed posts, but it is the platform's plans to include it in the Stories as well.

Note that programming posts is not the only feature of Insta Robot. Check out what else he can do to help you have a successful Instagram:

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