How to find people on Instagram easily

As we all know, Instagram is a real success and already has over 400 million users around the world. With it, it's easy and convenient to beautify all your photos with filters and share them with your friends and followers. But we can't say the same about finding people on Instagram.

But with so many people using the app every day, sometimes it's hard to find your friends, acquaintances or even your favorite celebrities. After all, we well know that the search bar isn't exactly very efficient at finding who we want. Of course, everything is easier if you simply know the username you're looking for, but that's not always the case with everyone. This is exactly why we have prepared some tips on how to find people on Instagram easily. If you're curious or having trouble using Instagram search, just check out our tips below!

Use platforms to gain Instagram followers

If you're not looking for anyone in particular or want to find profiles within your niche to leverage your profile, some platforms available on the web can do the trick. Just sign a plan on any of them, set up what types of posts and profiles you want the software to find and interact with by following or following these profiles. One such application is called Gestãogram, considered one of the most complete in the area.

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Another option for finding people on Instagram easier is Bume, which also searches for hashtags, locations, and followers from other Instagram profiles. It also features growth reports and allows you to schedule posts on the social network.

Tip: Bume also offers 5 days of FREE testing on your platform. Visit the link to register and start testing it!

Searching people manually

As we mentioned earlier, the easiest way to find people on Instagram is by knowing their username and typing in the search field of the app. If you have no way of knowing this detail, it is always possible to search by name, but unless you are famous, it will be difficult to get the result you want with so many users registered in the app.

If you still want to try this simpler method, always remember to change the search to “People” instead of “Places” or “Tags, for example. In the case of celebrity, you may end up finding people with fake accounts, so always try to see if there is a blue mark next to the name of famous people, which proves the authenticity of the account.

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Use Facebook to find your friends

If the previous method didn't help you much in finding your friends among so many people with similar names, you could just use Facebook. This of course will only help you connect with those you have added to the social network.

The process is pretty quick and easy, but it means your Instagram account will be linked with Facebook, so it's good to think if it's something you really want to do. To continue, simply click your profile icon in the Instagram app and select the three vertical dots on the right side of the screen (those that always mean something related to settings).

Some new options will appear and you should click "Find Facebook Friends." You will need to confirm that you want to link your account with the social network to proceed, which can be undone later if you wish.

You will then see all your Facebook friends who are currently connected to Instagram, with the option to follow them all or to select which ones you specifically want to follow in the app. Much easier to connect with your friends this way, isn't it?

If you want to unlink your Facebook account on Instagram, just go back to your settings and click "Linked Accounts." Select Facebook (which should be your first choice), click "Unlink" and confirm your preference. The good thing is that you can change this setting whenever you want.

Find friends through phone contacts

Besides Facebook, another very easy way to find your friends is by using their phone contacts. To do this, return to the profile settings option (where we activate your Facebook account) and click "Contacts." The app will ask your permission to access your contacts and show you all those who have an Instagram account.

You will have the options to follow all your friends as well as the process done with Facebook, but without the need to link your account to something. Just have them added as contacts on your smartphone, of course.

Could you find people on Instagram or still having trouble?

So, did you like our tips for finding people on Instagram? Tell us in the comments if our tips worked and if you could find and follow all your friends! If you have any other useful tips about Instagram that you didn't see on our list above, just share it with us in the comments as well.

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