How to find your stolen Android with Device Manager

There are many quality apps you can use to track your lost or stolen Android, but you can also accomplish this with an official Google app, Android Device Manager. It is very simple to use and can help you find your smartphone or tablet quickly. Other than that, there are many other very useful functions you can use in this app. This includes locking your device and even formatting it to prevent others from accessing your information.

If you want to know a little more about the app and how to use it to track or even erase your Android data remotely, just check out our tutorial below!

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How to track your lost or stolen Android

The first thing to do is to install Device Manager (click here to download it) if it is not already on your smartphone or tablet. Even if it's lost, it can be done remotely via Google Play, which installs the app automatically if your device is connected to the internet on Wi-Fi or 3G.

With that done, just go to the Device Manager website and sign in with your Google account (the same one you use on your Android device).

The site will tell you a little about the app's services and how you need to send your device data to Google to find it. The app also advises you to call the police in case of theft and not to try to recover the device yourself. Just click "Accept" to continue.

Then Google will already give you the exact location of your device, and you will have the options “Touch”, “Lock” and “Delete” at your disposal.

The “Ring” option is to make the device make some sounds, perfect for those who simply do not remember where they left the device. This makes the task of finding it within some environment much easier.

The "Lock" is obviously to block the use of your smartphone or tablet, and you can set a new password for unlocking. It's the perfect option to not let anyone access your data until you locate the device.

Lastly, “Erase” can be used as a last resort if you believe that you can't really recover your Android device. It will delete all your data, files and apps, leaving the device in its factory settings. It's not ideal, but it's a way to keep your information safe.

Either way, you can use Device Manager to check your device's location at any time (as long as you don't erase your data), even to see if it is being moved by someone. Just be careful when trying to recover it in the event of theft or theft.

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