How to fix iPhone Bluetooth issue with iOS 10

The arrival of iOS 10 has been widely approved by Apple mobile users. Shortly after its release 50% of iPhone and iPad owners have already migrated to the new version of the operating system. However, this does not mean that it is perfect and some problems are inevitable. One of the complaints coming from users is the Bluetooth connection problems that the system has. However, there are ways to fix Bluetooth issue on iPhone or iPad equipped with iOS 10.

How to fix iPhone Bluetooth problem

Before taking the first step, confirm that the problem really is with the device, not with an accessory or device. Otherwise, go ahead with the first method, a classic in troubleshooting: restart the device. Before you actually do so, be sure to go into the connection settings and turn off Bluetooth before restarting. After rebooting, go back to the settings and start the Bluetooth connection again. If you are unable to do so, try the following method.

Make the device forget the device you are trying to connect

Just as you can forget about WiFi connections, your device also lets you forget about a device that is trying to connect via Bluetooth. To do this, follow the steps below:

Reset your network settings

If both of the above methods do not work, you may want to reset your network settings to the factory state. This does not mean that you will lose all your device data, just network settings such as passwords saved from WiFi connections and information like that. It is worth leaving passwords and the step-by-step to set everything up again after this procedure.

To perform the reset, go to the device settings, open the “General” menu and tap “Reset” . Then choose “Reset Network Settings” and the device will ask you to enter your password. After entering your password, simply tap the confirm button. Your phone will restart and when you turn it back on, try to make the connection. If it doesn't work, fixing a Bluetooth issue on iOS 10 will require a drastic measure: restoring your device to factory settings.

What if iPhone's Bluetooth problem fixing methods don't work?

If the problem persists even after restoration, it is recommended that you go to an Apple Store or authorized service facility. This will allow specialists to see if the issue is being caused by a failure in the internal components of your iPhone or iPad. Are you having Bluetooth issues with your iOS 10 device and were you able to make it work? Discuss with us which of the above methods worked or if there is any other way that we didn't specify in the text in our comments section!

Source: iPhone Hacks

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