How to fix keyboard issues on iOS 10

IOS 10 may be the most popular version of the iPhone and iPad operating system, but that doesn't mean it's the most stable version we've ever seen. The truth is that iOS 10 has been in big trouble since its release, when it crashed thousands of devices during the upgrade. Although Apple has already released several patches to fix system errors, there are still some issues hitting users. One of the most common involves the device keyboard, which can lock and freeze at any time. To know how to solve this error, just check our tips below!

1. Update to the latest version

The simplest way to fix system errors is by installing the latest versions available from Apple. You just need to go to "Settings" and click "Software Update" in the "General" tab of the configuration options.

If you have any updates available, just click "Install" to start the process. The latest version of iOS is 10.0.2, which can fix keyboard crashes.

2. Restart the device

If you have an updated iPhone or iPad and are still experiencing a keyboard lockup, you will need to wait for the next update to resolve this. Until then, you can take some steps to get rid of this annoying error.

The first tip is that you simply restart your device when the keyboard starts to lock. It can be a little annoying to do this every time the error occurs, but at least it will fix it right away.

3. Disable keyboard features

Another measure that may work is to disable features of your keyboard, such as spell checking and word prediction, for example. To do this, go to your "Settings" and click the "Keyboard" option in the "General" tab of the settings.

There you will see all the feature options available and enabled for your keyboard. We recommend that you disable those that you think will not be missed for now, such as word corrector and prediction. Once the error has been properly corrected in an update, it is okay to enable these features again.

4. Restore device

If absolutely nothing works and the error starts to annoy you too much, you can always restore the device to an earlier version. For that, you need to have a backup prepared in iTunes, so it's not that simple for everyone.

Still, we recommend that you wait for the next update from Apple. Since it shouldn't take long, it's not worth making drastic changes to your iPhone or iPad.

Fixed iOS 10 error?

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