How to fix the reddish screen of the Galaxy S8

Despite being one of the big releases this year, the Galaxy S8 has also come up with some pretty annoying issues for its users. The most troubling situation for those who bought Samsung's new smartphone is the dreaded reddish screen, which has proved to be very common in many models sold worldwide. At first it was believed to be a serious manufacturing defect, but it seems that the problem can be solved easily and without having to exchange the phone for a new model. To learn more, just check out our tips below!

Galaxy S8 reddish screen

Even with so many reports of the reddish screen, it is important to mention that most devices are not really having this problem. You may even notice a tighter red, green or blue tone, which is extremely normal on AMOLED screens produced at such a large climb as the S8.

You can get a better idea of ​​how such a reddish screen actually affects Galaxy when comparing various models shown in the video above. So far, there was only one possible solution to fix this, which was by adjusting the colors manually in the color balance menu.

Of course this could not be considered definitive and many users were still waiting for an official response from Samsung itself. Fortunately, this was not long in coming and the company has already released an update that fully corrects this situation.

The update is coming slowly, so don't worry if the notification has not yet appeared on your Galaxy S8. To make sure it's the right update, just see that the new firmware code on the S8 is G950NKSU1AQDG and the Galaxy S8 + code is G955NKSU1AQDG.

After you upgrade, take a good look at your smartphone's display to see if you can see any difference. If the reddish tone continues, it is worth noting that Samsung has promised to give full assistance to its consumers and will likely change the handset if it is really a hardware issue.

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