How to get 15% off Landingi

Landing pages - or capture pages - are pages on a site that usually serve as a gateway. Unlike landing pages, they don't bring all the options and pages you can access, focusing on just one goal: converting a visitor into your business or closing the sale directly. One software that lets you create landing pages quickly and easily is Landingi, which allows new users to get 15% off their subscription. Check out the step by step below to enjoy this discount!

How to get 15% off Landingi

1 - Open your browser and click on the link;

2 - Click the Start Free Trial button;

3 - You have three sign-up options - sign in through your Google account, sync with your Facebook profile, or sign up with an email. For the first two options, click one to proceed;

4 - Choose the Google or Facebook account you want to use to sign in to Landingi;

4.2 - If you have chosen the account by email, enter your name, email and create a password for your account by clicking Sign Up Free to confirm;

5 - Then fill in your phone number and branch of your business, confirming the Move On button;

6 - If you work as a team, enter your emails so that they also have access to the account by clicking the Add button to confirm the addition. If you don't want to add anyone right now or work alone, click on the I will add my teammates later .

7 - After that, your account will be created and you can start using Landingi for FREE for 14 days or hit the 200 visit mark on the landing pages created through the app. After this period, you can sign one of the plans with 15% discount by clicking on the Payments option;

8 - Enter your billing and payment information - the discount will be automatically applied to the final amount, as shown in the screenshot.

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Landingi is a landing page creation tool especially designed for those without deep programming or web design knowledge, allowing any entrepreneur to create capture pages that convert. What did you think of the software? Still in doubt about Landingi? Then click on the link and try it for FREE for 14 days and draw your conclusions!

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