How to get Whatsapp updates before everyone goes beta

Everyone loves Whatsapp and feels that without it, life would be more bland. The app is the most widely used instant messenger in the world with over 1 billion active users, so having access to this information and functionality is more than privileged! To have a Whatsapp always up to date with the developer version and with access to features not available to the public is very simple: just be a beta tester of the application, an official tester.

Being a beta tester helps both you and Whatsapp: it's with your installation data that Whats software engineers will be able to improve the application more and more - always respecting your privacy, of course.

Want to know how to become an official Whatsapp tester? Just follow the tips below!

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Step 1 - Enter the Beta Website

Make sure you're signed in to the same Google account as your phone. Then join the WhatsApp testing program on the Play Store by visiting the official website by clicking here.

Click the blue button under "Become a tester."

Step 2 - Confirm and Start Downloading

You will see the message “You are now a tester” indicating that you are now a beta tester of the program. The updated version of the app is sent directly to your phone (you may need to restart).

If you don't want to wait, sign in to your Google Play Store app and store, look for Whatsapp Messenger, and click Update.

Step 3 - Understand How It Works

At first, the installed version may not bring new features. But as soon as Whatsapp announces a new feature, make sure you are one of the first to have it. One of the recent unlocked features for beta testers first, for example, is to draw and insert stickers on your photos sent by Whatsapp.

EXTRA - Leave when you want

If you would like to give up on the WhatsApp testing program, just go to the same page on Google Play as above and click on the "Leave the program" link. Once you update your app again through Google Play you will have the default version for everyone, without exclusives.

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To be a beta tester on Whatsapp?

So, are you enjoying being a Whatsapp beta tester? You now have access to all future features of the tool. Comment below which feature you'd like to use now that it's a beta tester!

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