How to hide your likes on Facebook

In general, people often use Facebook to share their interests on a variety of subjects, but not everyone likes their information to be displayed for anyone to see. For like pages, for example, it is normal to want a little more privacy, especially when we see so many unpleasant situations of people breaking friendships just because they have different tastes or thoughts. Although these pages will be displayed to all your contacts by default, you can simply hide them if you prefer. Check out how to do this with our tips below!

Hiding your like pages

To get started, open your Facebook page in your preferred browser and click your name at the top of the screen.

This will get you going to your Facebook wall, which is obviously where your posts, photos, likes, and more are. Among the available options, click on “About”.

Scroll down a little and you will see some categories like "Music", "Books", "Movies", etc. These are the categories that fit the pages you like and vary depending on their content. You'll see a pencil symbol on the left side of each of these categories, and you need to click it if you want to hide the like pages in a specific section.

This means that if you want to hide only music-related pages, just do the procedure below in the “Music” category, but if you want to hide absolutely everything that has been enjoyed to date, you will have to repeat the process in all other sections displayed in this part of your Facebook.

After clicking the pencil from the category of liked pages you want to hide, select the "Edit privacy" option to proceed.

A window will open and will have the "Likes" option at the bottom. Click on the arrow like the image below and choose the privacy option you prefer. If you don't want anyone to see, just choose "Just Me."

Pretty simple, isn't it? You can now do the same thing with any category of like pages you want to hide too. In the past, Facebook allowed you to hide everything at once, but it wasn't a practical option for those who just wanted privacy with certain pages.

Either way, you can change these options at any time, making your likes public again or visible only to your friends.

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