How to install iOS 12 on iPhone or iPad before launch

IOS 12 will be officially released on September 17 this year, but you can now install the update on your iPhone or iPad. Since the final version of the system is available to beta testers, you can simply sign up and enjoy the update before most people. Fortunately, the procedure is quite simple, as long as you have one of the devices compatible with this update (you can check this out by clicking the link). You can check out our top tips on how to install iOS 12 below!

How to install iOS 12 on iPhone or iPad

With an iOS 12 compatible iPhone or iPad in hand, you'll need to go to Apple's official beta site. This can be done by clicking on the link.

You can do this on your computer, but it's pretty simple to do the entire operation on your iPhone or iPad. We say this because you will have to access the link on the device anyway.

Inside the site, you will have to click on "Sign Up" if you are not part of the beta program, which is most likely for most. If you have already signed up for the program at any time, click the "Sign In" button.

You will then have to enter the Apple ID and password you use on the iPhone or iPad you are using. To proceed, click on the "Sign In" option.

On the new screen, you'll see some information about iOS 12 and everything you need to do to move on. Simply click on “Enroll your iOS device”.

You will now see Apple's own instructions on how to install iOS 12 on your device. Scroll down to the second section and click "Download profile."

This will enable automatic downloading of the profile that will make iOS 12 available on your iPhone or iPad. This part is not as noticeable as you receive no warnings that the download has completed.

Anyway, just wait a few seconds and go to the "Settings" of your devices. You should see if there is a notification in the “General” section, as highlighted in the image below.

When you click "General" you will see that there is a notification in the "Update" part. To proceed, simply click on this option.

You will see iOS 12 ready to download. Click "Install and Download" to begin the process and wait for your device to do the rest of the work.

This may take some time, so we suggest that you leave your device charging and do not touch it during this time. It is worth mentioning that your iPhone or iPad may restart itself several times, but it is part of the installation.

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