How to install LiveChat on your ecommerce

One of the most popular ecommerce online chat tools, LiveChat offers the opportunity to provide online support to visitors and customers of your online store. Among its features, we highlight the possibility of configuring the sending of automatic greetings to those who are accessing your site and the integration with the ticket service system in addition to online chat. If you are considering trying out the platform, check out the step by step below to install LiveChat on your ecommerce.

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How to install LiveChat on your ecommerce

1 - Sign up for LiveChat. You will then be taken to a page with the platform implementation code;

2 - Choose Do it Yourself option to receive the page code;

3 - Copy the code into your clipboard;

4 - Paste the code anywhere between the tags and > all pages of your site;

5 - Go to your website and test some pages to confirm that LiveChat has been installed correctly;

6 - To know if LiveChat has been installed correctly, a chat bubble icon should appear at the bottom right of your pages.

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How was LiveChat installed on your ecommerce?

Even if you don't specialize in web programming, the LiveChat installation process is simple and fast, and should only take a few minutes to implement in your online store. Did you have any problems during the process? Got a question about how LiveChat works? So comment below and be sure to tell us about your experience with the online chat platform!

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