How to make a reservation on Airbnb

By revolutionizing the hotel industry without building a hotel, Airbnb has allowed homeowners to rent rooms in their homes to travelers in their area. A new form of online hotel, the service drew the ire of the hotel industry, just as Uber did with the taxi.

Using Airbnb has some advantages and risks, but its main advantage is the ability to save on the value of your stay by allowing you to use your money for shopping or sightseeing experiences. If you haven't started using Airbnb yet and are interested in testing this type of service, check out the walkthrough below to learn how to make a reservation on Airbnb!

Hotel Online: Did you make your first booking on Airbnb?

Now that we've shown you the step-by-step to signing up for Airbnb, it's your turn to tell us: How was your first experience with hosting by the app? Did you like your hosts on online hotel service? Did you have trouble dealing with it? Comment with us!

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