How to make video calls on Android WhatsApp

It's been more than a year since it has been possible to make voice calls through WhatsApp, so you can imagine how eager your users were to be for the video calling feature. It took a while, but you can finally call your contacts using video conferencing, at least in WhatsApp Beta. WhatsApp's testing application has been in place for a short time, but it is already very functional and interesting. To find out how you can enjoy video calling on WhatsApp now, just check out our tips below!

Video calls on WhatsApp

As we mentioned, the video calling feature is only available in WhatsApp Beta for now. This is the company's testing app, which always receive features and news before they are implemented in the official app. Fortunately, anyone can sign up for the WhatsApp beta program to enjoy these benefits, as you can see in more detail in our tutorial on the subject.

With that done, remember to go to the Google Play Store store on your Android smartphone to make sure your beta app is up to date with the latest version.

Then open Whatsapp and choose the contact you want to make a video call with. Click the phone icon at the top of the screen.

With this you should see two options: “Voice Call” and “Video Call”. Choose “Video Call” and the call will be made automatically.

If all goes well, the call will be completed and you will be able to talk to your friend normally via the video from the front camera of the smartphone. The Wi-Fi network must have a good signal for the connection to be of good quality, otherwise it may be paused or interrupted.

The biggest problem with this feature is that it only works with contacts that also use WhatsApp Beta. Otherwise, you will see a message like this:

You may recommend that your friends sign up for the app's beta program, but it's not often that the company leaves lots of open positions for new users. Still, it's worth a try to use this feature before it officially reaches the app.

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