How to make a YouTube webinar

Teaching online or presenting webinars has become considerably simpler with each passing day. Even those who have the knowledge to pass but lack the infrastructure or the money to pay for a webinar platform today can use free tools to get started. One of these platforms is YouTube itself. Check out how to do your YouTube webinar and start your online course career without spending a dime.

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How to prepare your YouTube webinar

To get started, you must have a Google account to use the service, which can be easily resolved by signing up if you do not already have an account.

Once you've created your account, you'll also need to create a YouTube channel - just go to the site and try to upload a video to start the process - and verify your YouTube name. For seminars that will last longer than 15 minutes, you will need to verify your account via this link.

Tip: Before you make your first webinar, practice with some friends or coworkers using Hangouts video calling, as you won't be doing a live broadcast and will be able to make corrections throughout the process.

How to make a YouTube webinar

The first step in getting your webinar started is similar to creating a regular YouTube video. Just go to the main page and click the up arrow button made to upload a video to your channel.

Then click on the Get Started s option, located under Live Streaming ;

Click Events to schedule your YouTube webinar;

Click Schedule New Event and you will be taken to a screen where you will enter the webinar title, start date and time, a description, and the keywords of the content you will broadcast. You can also set whether the webinar will be publicly available - that is, everyone can find the broadcast and start watching - unlisted or private, giving access only to the emails you enter. When you finish entering the information, click Create Event .

Tip: Have a second Google account to send you a notification reminding you to start the webinar.

With the webinar set up, just wait for the scheduled time to start streaming. Go to the Events area where you scheduled and the webinar will be listed there, just press the Start Hangout on Air button to get started and live for your students.

Sharing your webinar

To promote your webinar through social networks, you can do so by going to the webpage where the webinar will be broadcast, which is ready from the moment you hit the Create Event button. Just like a regular YouTube video, click the Share button and choose the social network. It is also possible to just take the link and enter your profile on the desired social network to promote there.

To have the broadcast appear on your site or blog, select the Embed option and copy the code that will appear. In the blog editor of your site, create the post and, in the space you think best, paste the code you get on YouTube. Remember that depending on the platform you use, you will need to switch to pure text0 format for the code to be read correctly.

When your business enters, switch to LoopWebinar!

We understand that it is not always possible to subscribe to a paid webinar platform, especially in the beginning. However, hosting a YouTube webinar has some limitations, such as the inability to add a sell button to your products - especially useful when you are doing a free broadcast featuring other courses - and the lack of technical support that can help you. help in the webinar creation process.

Among the available platforms, we strongly recommend that you purchase LoopWebinar, 100% in Portuguese and with 14 days free trial period. Click on the link to learn more about the tool and check out this text explaining the reasons for choosing LoopWebinar over other platforms like WebinarJam.

Did you make your first webinar? What did you think about him and what difficulties did he go through? Comment with us below!

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