How to merge your Facebook pages

Some situations may require merging two Facebook pages into one. For example, you may have created the page about a year ago and have not remembered, eventually creating one with the same name, for example. Or some kind of problem happens and Facebook ends up creating two similar pages. The second situation can be resolved by deleting your page, but if your previous account has more fans, for example, it will be more game to merge them. So check out the step by step below to merge your Facebook pages!

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What are the criteria for merging your Facebook pages?

Before merging, Facebook sets some criteria for merging the two fanpages into one. First, you must be the administrator of both. Then they must have the same name and represent the same thing. If the fanpage has a physical address, the address of both must also be the same.

How to merge your Facebook pages in X steps

1 - Visit;

2 - Login to your account;

3 - Select the pages to be merged, as can be seen in the screenshot below;

4 - After choosing the pages, click Continue . Your merge request will be sent to be manually evaluated by Facebook. That is, the process may take a few days to complete and may be rejected if it does not meet the requirements. Remember that, after successfully merging, the page that stood out will inherit the likes, but the profile photo, posts, and photos from the deleted fanpage will not be carried over, and the user must do so manually. Fanpage followers will be alerted of the merger.

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What was Facebook's answer?

After the request, how long did it take for Facebook to respond? Did you successfully merge your two pages? Comment with us and share this tutorial on your Facebook!

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