How to mute Facebook automatic videos

Facebook has long implemented the feature of videos that play automatically on its users' pages. Although somewhat annoying to many people, it didn't bother that much because the videos were always muted unless you actually clicked on a particular video to watch it. The problem is that social networking has changed the way this works a little and videos will play with sound even if you haven't clicked on them.

Fortunately, this can be easily fixed on any device. To check out how to mute all Facebook autoplay videos, check out our tips below!

Silencing Facebook Videos

As already mentioned, the process is very simple and it can best be done on Android, iPhone and iPad devices. To get started, simply open the Facebook app with your account already logged in.

On Android, click the three horizontal lines on the right of the screen.

This will take you to a window full of options regarding the app, but you need to look for “Account Settings” at the bottom.

One of the first options will be "Videos in the News Feed start with sound", which will be enabled by default. Just click the button on the right to disable this setting.

On iPhone and iPad, the procedure is not so different. Open the app normally and click the "More" option as we highlighted in the image below.

Then look for the "Settings" option in the new window that opens. Among the three new options, click "Account Settings."

Then click "Sounds" to proceed.

Now you will see two very simple options, the second one will say "Videos in the News Feed start with Sound." It will be active by default, but just click the green button to disable it.

Pretty simple, isn't it? This way the videos will only have some sound if you really click on them, just as they used to.

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