How to open Spotify links on Google Play Music

Spotify is certainly one of the largest music streaming services in existence today, but that doesn't mean it is perfect or that everyone would like to use it. In fact, many people prefer Google Play Music or even Apple Music for their integration with Android and iOS, as well as the extra features. Of course, when sharing their favorite songs, many friends may end up passing Spotify links, but with the help of a Google Chrome extension, you can open them directly in Google Play Music. To know how to do this, just check out our tips below!

Opening Spotify Links on Google Play Music

Before we get started, it's important to remember that this extension can only be used in the Google Chrome browser, so it won't work in Firefox or Safari, for example.

Like most Chrome extensions, Playify can be found directly from the browser add-on store via this link.

If you prefer, you also go to their official website through this link. If you do, click the "Download" button to start downloading the extension manually.

With the extension already installed, just try to test it! To do this, you only need to open any Spotify link in Google Chrome. For our tutorial, we'll paste this link into Chrome's address bar.

By doing so, we are redirected directly to a Google Play Store page that matches the same song as the Spotify link.

Very simple, isn't it ?! The only downside is that this will obviously only work with songs that are present on both streaming services. Still, this is not hard to find today.

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