How to play PUBG Mobile: 12 tips for getting along

Competing with the Fortnite phenomenon - here are some tips for winning the game - PUBG Mobile is one of the best battle royale games for mobile phones. That's why there are plenty of fans of the game looking for tips on how to play PUBG Mobile to get along and finally be the only survivor of the island.

Unlike Fortnite, PUBG Mobile puts buildings aside. This was already established in its computer version, considered one of the best multiplayer games for PC.

Instead of building structures, it lets you find and use vehicles to move faster around the map. On the other hand, driving generates noise and warns its rivals. This gives the game an extra layer of complexity.

Just as we did with the smashing Epic Games game, we brought you some of the best tips for getting along at PUBG Mobile and finally winning in the final and organizing your opponents' funeral. Check it out below!

1. How to play PUBG Mobile: Don't play with slow internet

The biggest enemy of anyone who plays online is not the skillful rival or complexity of a game. It's the damn lag.

So if you notice that the internet isn't helping you, leave PUBG Mobile for another time. How to notice before the parachute jump?

You can use these sites or applications to test your connection speed before playing. If you're not patient, just notice if it's taking too long for menus to appear or loading a match.

Also remember to not start downloads while playing PUBG Mobile.

2. Close other apps when playing

PUBG Mobile is not a lightweight game that you can play while using WhatsApp. At game time, it's best to get WhatsApp online, close any other Android or iPhone apps and focus on what matters: learning how to play PUBG Mobile and being the ultimate survivor!

3. Turn off automatic brightness adjustment

Most of today's smartphones feature automatic screen brightness adjustment. The functionality is excellent as it diminishes the effects of blue light on the eyes. In addition, this helps to save battery power on Android when in bright places where the phone usually lowers the brightness level.

If auto-tuning is on during a match, it may work when the lighting in your location changes. This can be disastrous. Imagine having an enemy in sight to lose sight of him in the next second because the screen on your phone either darkened or overshadowed you.

Ideally turn off the automatic adjustment at the time of play.

4. Become familiar with the movements in the training room.

The temptation to take the parachute and jump into combat is great, but the training room is there for one reason: to help you learn how to play PUBG Mobile and start winning matches!

So it is worth waiting a little longer and using the mode to get the morning of the drive. Walk the free map, learn to run, jump, squat, lie down. Whether you are using Android and iPhone controls or the famous touch screen, it is interesting to familiarize yourself with the motions so as not to make ugly matches.

5. How to play PUBG Mobile: Use headphones

The PUBG Mobile experience greatly improves when you use a headset or headphone. In addition to improving your concentration and immersion in the game, you should always be aware of the sound of footsteps, vehicles or shots, for example.

If this headset has a built-in microphone, even better. Using it in team or team matches helps to better integrate and coordinate your actions in the game.

By using headphones, you can better recognize which side they are coming from. That is, you are more likely to respond to a threat appropriately.

If you're an iOS user, check out this article with our top iPhone 7 earphones tips!

6. Learn how each weapon works

The utilities of the training room are various. Besides learning and getting acquainted with the game's movement, this is the best opportunity to adapt to the various weapons you may encounter along the way.

You may already have your favorite, but one of the good things about the game is that you have no idea what you will find, ideally have a little bit of skill with either.

The training room offers access to all weapons in the game. This includes pistols and submachine guns, as well as heavier weaponry such as the AK47 and M16 rifles.

7. Find out what are the best weapons

This is a very personal tip. Each will adapt better to a weapon, even if it is ideal to have some skill with all. Therefore it is important to practice a lot in the training room, as we mentioned in the previous tip.

But if you're a beginner and want some tips on what are the best weapons to start with, here are some of the options you should keep in your backpack when you find them:

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