How to post GIFs directly to Facebook

You may already have come across any GIF posted on Facebook, either in comments, your friends' posts or even posts from certain pages or groups. But like many of the other recent social networking features, there's not much explanation about how it works. Fortunately, it is very easy to publish with GIFs, even without an integrated app like Facebook Messenger, for example. To know how to do this, just check out our tips below!

Posting GIFs on Facebook

While not supporting GIFs for many years, Facebook has finally implemented the feature in both browser and mobile versions.

As we mentioned, it is very simple. To get started, you need to go to a GIF site, like Giphy, which you can access through this link.

While on the site, type a term or word that has to do with the subject of the GIF you're looking for.

Once this is done, Giphy will display all results related to your search. So just click on the GIF you want to publish.

This will take you to the specific GIF page where you can bookmark, download or copy the file link. Since we want to publish the GIF, the option we must choose is the "Copy Link".

This will make various link options appear, but you must select the copy of the "GIF Link".

Then go to Facebook and choose where you want to post the image. In the post field, just paste the link we copied earlier.

This will make the GIF appear below, which means you can even delete the link and the image will still be there. The good thing is that you can write anything you want in the publication without having a link to get in the way. When you're done, just click "Publish."

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