How to prevent people from following you on Facebook

A few years ago, Facebook allowed the following action on Facebook. You automatically follow people in your network of friends, but it's possible that profiles not in your contacts see your public posts by choosing to just follow you on Facebook. If this is bothering you or suspecting that malicious people are following your posts, check out the walkthrough below to block people who aren't in your contacts from following you on the social network!

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How to prevent people from following you on Facebook

1 - Tap the three horizontal bars icon at the top of the screen;

2 - On iPhone or iPad, tap Settings . On Android, go to Account Settings ;

3 - (iPhone and iPad only) Tap Account Settings ;

4 - Go to Public Posts on both devices;

5 - Switch from Public to Friends to prevent strangers from following you on Facebook.

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Could you stop noticing strange people following you on Facebook?

After the change in your account settings, did people outside of your contact network stop following you? Profiles that were already before the move may need to be locked so that no one outside your circle of friends can see your posts. Was the tutorial helpful? Comment with us if you have any questions and don't forget to share this article on your social networks!

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