How to put music on Instagram Stories

Now available in several countries, we finally have how to put music on Brazilian Instagram Stories!

Unlike when we share songs on our Spotify playlist or even Netflix movies and shows, this time it's all done within Instagram itself.

This means that we are not talking about a sticker like polls or questions on Instagram.

You enter songs from the story creation screen before you even start recording the video. Functionality comes in front of another popular application: Tik Tok, one of the most downloaded iPhone apps in recent years. You may also recognize it as, its former name.

Why was he so popular? Because it allowed you to do voiceovers of known songs! The result was so entertaining that the app quickly became popular with younger audiences, and like Snapchat's Stories, Insta couldn't afford it and entered the competition.

Now that you know how the new content format for Stories came about, how about learning how to put music on Instagram Stories? Then check out the complete walkthrough in the next few paragraphs!

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How to put music on Stories

1 - Open the app and swipe left;

2 - In the lower menu, select the option Music ;

3 - You can now choose your music. Insta divides its collection into three categories, as you can see in the print below;

4 - The first category is the default category, which shows the songs most chosen by Instagram users;

5 - The second is inspired by Spotify and allows you to choose songs according to your current mood;

6 - The last one is more traditional, organizing the songs available in the app according to their music genre;

Tip : You can also use the search bar at the top of the screen to search for a specific song!

7 - After choosing your song, but before you start recording and learning how to put music in Stories, you can make small changes. The first is to select the part of the song that will be dubbed. To do this, click on the small icon in the lower right corner of the screen;

8 - Tap anywhere on the small white line to define the portion to be dubbed. The app will display the lyrics so you can successfully dub;

9 - Just a little while to record your little voice-over clip! You can choose and add a special effect by clicking on the icon above the record button;

10 - Now everything is ready! Hold the record button and pretend you are dropping your voice!

11 - See the result and add any text, drawings or stickers you need;

12 - Click on Your story to publish the voice acting. If you're ashamed to show all your followers, tap Best Friends to make a unique post. It's the best way to be ashamed together! (and shallow now);

What did you think of the new format?

Have you started making your own voiceovers? What did your followers think? Learned how to put music on Instagram Stories?

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