How to receive WhatsApp notifications on PC

Being able to use WhatsApp on your PC is really amazing, so you prefer to use the keyboard to chat or for those who don't like to waste the battery of the smartphone or looking at the screen all the time just to continue their conversations in the app.

The only thing really missing was receiving app notifications directly in the browser, avoiding reliance on your mobile device and even the delay in seeing important messages. Fortunately, this is possible and very easy to set up on your computer, as you can see in our tutorial below!

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Enabling WhatsApp Notifications on PC

As obvious as it is to many, it is worth mentioning that the first thing you have for the tutorial to work is WhatsApp Web, the version of the app that works in your web browser. If you still do not use this feature, you can check how to use it through our tutorial at this link.

With that done, go to the WhatsApp Web page to access your account, where your other conversations and contacts will be.

Just above the conversation tab, you will see a blue message saying "Receive notifications of new messages."

Click "Enable desktop notifications" in this same blue banner to proceed.

Then a new window will explain that this will cause WhatsApp notifications to appear on your PC. Click "Ok, Got it" to continue.

Now, just click the "Allow" button that appeared at the top of your browser to let notifications appear.

This will allow your browser to be able to receive warnings of new messages, which you can immediately test in conversations with your contacts. Much more practical than checking your smartphone all the time, isn't it ?!

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