How to recover deleted videos from Android

If you are an avid camera user of your Android smartphone, you certainly enjoy using it not only for taking pictures or selfies, but also for recording videos of special moments. With the image quality of the cameras we find on most modern smartphones, you really can't deny how worthwhile it is to record videos to share on social networks, send through messaging apps or just keep in memory.

However, unless you are backing up your files on your phone, you may end up deleting some video by accident. Fortunately, even without backing up, which is still highly recommended, there is no way to recover deleted videos from Android. Want to know how? It's really quite simple, follow our guide!

Can you recover deleted videos from Android?

Did you know you could do this on your Android smartphone? Did everything go well by following the walkthrough in our guide? Tell us in the comments if you had any difficulties or if we can help you recover your files!

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